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Planner/Scheduler: an ADD toolbag’s must have.
June 22, 2009, 4:36 pm
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     This is the first blog on my progress on dealing with symptoms of ADD. Over the past week I have attempted to keep up with my day-to-day planner. Like any new habit, it has been hit or miss for consistency. One thing I have noticed is, even with sporadic use, I have kept up with my to-do’s more than I had before.

     The planner is an idea that I had given to me in high school; yet, I had never kept up with it for more than two or three days. I have tried a few times since, but much like quitting smoking, it would only last so long before I was back to the way things were. I had recently bought a planner and was doing well with it, but I ironically lost it: like I do so many other things.

     I now have a new one and I am working on incorporating it into my day-to-day life. The trick I find is to form a habit of some kind to eliminate any variances in use; because, Q: What does inconsistency brew? A: The same missed appointments and unfinished tasks that have plagued me, and others I am sure, in the past. My strategy is to check my planner as part of my morning routine. Even if I go to sleep knowing what I have to do tomorrow I will often forget tasks that I have given to myself by the time I wake up. Refreshing myself in the morning takes seconds and eliminates inconsistency.

     Throughout my day I have been checking off what I accomplish. In all honesty, at the end of the day it feels good to see what I have done. This is so much better than before when I would unknowingly focus on what I forgot, or simply did not do.

Here are some tips I have for using a planner.

  • Do not give up when an attempt to maintain a planner is unsuccessful. Chances are you’re not going to keep up with it the first try. Trust me in this: it takes time, but it will be worth it in the end.
  • Work checking your planner into a morning routine; if you don’t have a morning routine, try checking it within five minutes of waking up.
  • A budget was factored into my decision of which planner to buy. Today’s economy makes each dollar count. When looking for the right fit I realized it is hard to find a decent one under $10. I looked for one that was constructed well and had plenty of room in each day’s slot to write multiple items. One with a slot for a pen is handy.      Extra Tip-Go to your local college. Planners are often laid out and free throughout the campus. They do this as a strategy to help students keep up with assignments.
  • Carry it on you at all times. Appointments come along as randomly as anything else in life. This is all about being prepared, it will come in handy. *Write down even the most menial appointments or tasks. These are the easiest to slip your mind. This will also strengthen your habit of recording you to-do’s.
  • Fulfill your duties and check them off when they are completed. You will feel good about getting everything accomplished. Keeping in mind that time does not always permit everything to be completed in one day. There is no shame in moving to-do’s to another day.

     I hope this is helpful. I want everyone to know that I am learning as I go so any feedback or ideas are welcome. I would love to see any interesting sites, or whatever, that may help myself or anyone else reading.

In it with you all,

J.D. Link


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