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The morning after a good drink… or two.
December 26, 2009, 4:10 pm
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The morning after….

The morning after a night with your loved one and more drinks than you can count is an occasion full of laughter for sure. You don’t know what exactly your laughing about or how you’re laughing because your mind is so preoccupied by picking everything up and surveying the damage.

The night before may be a very different story ya know; there’s a reason you’re surveying the damage, but that’s not the fun part. The fun is just laughing. I know that I will have plenty of these mornings to look forward to; mornings with my one love looking at each other in amazement wondering how we could have possibly, sanely done whatever we did. Broken Wiis, hurt hands, empty wallets and so on. For us, as long as our furry little girl, Halley, is still with us, and able to look us without underlying disgust, we’re o.k. I smile because there will probably be things, that hopefully Halley is not witness to because respect may be an issue after we do whatever we are surely to do.

I imagine places and positions that I or my lady will surely pass out in, with whatever staining our clothes and our mouths. I know already in a fit of drunkenness I have eaten six tacos with stains on at least my stomach to deal with.

Gradually the haze dissipates, you find your way home if you are not already there, and pick up life like setting the needle right after getting caught on a scratched record. The hope is that you have a full day to recover. Work before noon is definitely a bad thing. Advise for one of these nights is reserve them for holidays and special occasions so plenty of planning can happen. Day after is definitely a cause for concern, and worth an extra though or two. Mid week binges that leave memories all but whole may yield different results; results that may serve angry tones and untied endings when off to the office rather than involuntary fits of laughter.

This one has been a good one. My baby is sleeping soundly in the adjacent room and no broken bones. We may have a Wii to replace but there are worse things. As long as you and yours are on speaking terms I’d say you’re o.k., and we are.

With lots of love and toys to play with I sign off. This comes after the holidays and I hope yours was as fun as mine. Have a good day and plan a good morning after for you and yours.


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