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The birth of a blogger.

This is my first official blog. I know as much as you’d expect a newbie to know. I met with Mike Sansone , who I will refer to as the Blogfather, and discussed what a blog would mean for me. Mike is a professional, he is of Converstations.com and councils his clients on effective and contagious blogs. From what I can tell he is a great person to know.

The way it was described was a blog is a way to brand myself. This is great because I often feel myself scattered, I don’t want to say I am directionless, more-so having a focus deficiency. I was given homework of choosing five or so topics within my life that I had input to share. My initial ideas for focuses are life as an aspiring travel journalist, about my two-year long internship at the Civic Music Association, my life as a content creator, friends and family must be written about, and recipes that I create/come across. These are tentative ideas and I am anxious to see where they go.

This is a time capsule that I will not re-read for one year. I am a little concerned that this will be another thing I am hot on for a short period of time, and like anyone else with ADD will find a new something and forget about this. Though, my concern is not as strong as when I picked up the violin. One year from now I want to have blog upon blog built up and new ideas for my posting. I think it will be very interesting to look back on these words and see how my postings evolve.

I hope people will appreciate what I have to say, and this is the start of something cool. Feedback the $#!+ out of me please.

J.D. Link


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